Intelligent Creative

The marketing world is full of people who call themselves “Gurus”. But if you check to find out about their real, hands-on, rubber-to-the-road track record, you may not hear anything all that exciting. Bogus!

So, with a stack of DMA Echo Awards that confirm my dedication to my clients’ success through the use of an intelligent, educated approach to creative for marketing, I’m kind of a real guru although I’ll always see myself as a student with an ongoing search for more intelligence, smarter copy and more insightful design, and killer strategy that makes me say, “I wish I’d done that!”.

But hey, I honestly don’t see a hell of a lot in that category. That’s why I want to share great ideas and little secrets with you.

Now, I am so lucky to have a score of hugely successful creatives with whom I have worked. Because I’ll be hitting them up for articles, just to keep things interesting.

I’m building this blog as a resource for anyone who wants to do more successful work, and agrees that creative is part of that success. I plan a variety of articles, including critique of something that’s crossed my desk, either online or in print, and examination of some of the tactics and strategies that the most successful businesses in the world employ.

I have also included a growing archive of articles that I’ve been writing for industry magazines and newsletters. All you need do is enjoy them, learn from them, and if you choose, comment! And if you want notices of my articles or blog posts, simply sign up — and enjoy a classroom at your fingertips.

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