Putting the Customer first – the decision, the methodology and the payout.

One of the hallmarks of my very busy and successful career has been putting the customer first – that is, I put my clients first, and then I work with them to put their customers first.

Putting your own ego aside for the sake of the success of clients and the happiness of their customers is not always easy – but working a lifetime at it i can say it’s worth it. In fact my 9 DMA Echo Awards, for both creative and primarily for the numeric, measurable success of an effort going from my clients to their customers, confirms to me that it has given my clients much success and given me great joy to see them prosper as a result of our having worked together.

In my early attempts to learn about the holy grail — that is, what will make customers respond to a campaign and then be happy with the outcome — led me to Montreux, Switzerland, where for some days I was fascinated by the teachings of Dr Siegfried Vögele, a marketing guru in Europe. The late, truly great Dr Vögele dedicated his life to that topic, and carried out countless studies using a variety of menthodology, including the Eye Mark Recorder, to view consumer behavior.

A fine synopsis Dr Vögele’s findings and methodology is found on another blog, by Chris Keating, a specialist in fundraising:
While Mr. Keating’s specialty is fundraising, this work he describes by Dr Vögele is applicable in every area of marketing, including digital as well as printed. And i can tell you from my own experience, this stuff truly works.

Imagine if you will a mail order catalog and website where response jumps 18% to their ‘house’ list in the first drop in the mail. Imagine another where the purchase size quadrupled in their ‘house’ list, and response itself quadrupled as well. We’re talking millions of dollars in a single effort in the mail, which also drove customers to their website. These have been just a few of the successes my clients have enjoyed by my use (and their approvals) of Dr Vögele’s genius methods.

By the way, the good Doktor’s book is ON RARE OCCASION found on Amazon, where it typically costs over $200, and worth every penny. Hmmm that reminds me, i should list my own copy one of these days, as I am somewhat retired…. https://www.amazon.com/Handbook-Direct-Mail-Dialogue-Communication/dp/0132087456

Another resource that was infinitely useful was the book by Colin Wheildon, called ‘Type and Layout: are you Communicating, or just making Pretty Shapes?’ Wheildon did a study for the newspaper industry to determine what people read, what makes them want to read it, and what makes them turn away and not read it. He also recorded comprehension of written ads and articles etc. It’s a great read and it’s full of the things you absolutely have to know if you have anything anywhere you want people to actually read. And if you don’t then why did you even bother to write it? LOL

Here is a link to Wheildon’s original book, now out-of-print: https://www.amazon.com/Type-Layout-Typography-Message-Across/dp/0962489158/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=colin+wheildon&qid=1595799849&sr=8-1

And this is the newer version, updated and still in print.

The third resource i have used is actually my fine arts background and a fabulous color course i took some years ago with painter M. E. ‘Mike’ Bailey.

NOTE: There is so much your designer and Art Director do NOT know about color … and that fact can kill your efforts online, in the mail or even in space advertising.

Understanding the what makes color work, ie, how the rods and cones of the eye work to transmit what someone is looking at to the brain where it will or will not be comprehended, is astonishing and not so obvious. Let’s just say about 50% or more that i see today in writing online is not well-comprehended because of color.

And if it is too difficult to read, they simply will not read it. This is different than a magazine where they purchased it to read its content. We in marketing are introducing things to people that they did not pay to see, and the onus is on us to make sure we make it so easy and make the content so interesting and thoughtfully written that we earn their attention. Yes, EARN their attention.

I’ll try in the near future, if not now, to post a course i taught about color to show you more clearly what i mean.

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